Professor Yuwei Shi, strategic management consultant in Silicon Valley, USA, held a conference for local and regional small business owners in Turda

The Ratiu Center for Democracy hosted on March 19th 2014 an event for small business owners in Turda, Câmpia Turzii and Cluj-Napoca but also for those who are considering starting up their own business.

Dr. Yuwei Shi is a Dean and Professor of Strategic Management at The Monterey International Studies in California. He launched in 2011 the Frontier Market Scouts Program, a platform that seeks to offer micro-funding opportunities for social businesses in developing countries.

Throughout his conference, Professor Yuwei reinforced the positive impact that social enterprise and community involvement have had on reducing poverty in developing countries. He also emphasized the importance of the stories behind the products manufactured in such social businesses, which are often more important than the product itself when it comes to establishing a market value.

At our workshop, nearly 30 people attended, marking Professor Yuwei’s first visit in Romania. Besides his conference in Turda he has also held a lecture series in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest.

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